Past Programs

MYSP 2011

The very first Mongolian Young Scholars Program took place on June 2011 at Nairamdal International Children's Camp. Among many amazing guest panelists, we had Mr. Bold Former CEO of Newcom and current MP Undraa as our guest speakers.

Seminar Topics

Teaching Fellow School/University Seminar Topic
Henry Woodward-Fisher Harvard University Modern East Asian Art
Keru Cai Harvard University Reading Shakespeare
David Edwards Stanford University The Art of Modern Languages
Claire Colberg Stanford University Navigating the Nuclear Threat
Fasika Asrat Stanford University Social Entrepreneurship: Sustainable Development in the 21st Century

MYSP 2012

Seminar Topics

Teaching Fellow School/University Seminar Topic
Zorigoo Tugsbayar Harvard University Foundations of Development and Democracy
Breeanna Elliot Harvard University Charles Darwin: The Man behind the Beard
Stephanie Tong Massachusetts Institute of Technology Psychology of Gender and Race
Claire Colberg Stanford University Dystopian Literature: Visions of the Future

MYSP 2013

Seminar Topics

Teaching Fellow School/University Seminar Topic
Henock Dory Stanford University Democratic Development
Elise Racine Stanford University El Greco - An Artist in Transition
Erdenetule Rentsen Brown University Philosophy and Physics
Zolboo Tsogtbayar College of St. Scholostica Thinking like an Economist
Breeshia Turner Stanford University Creative Writing
Paul Shields Stanford University Science Fiction, Film, and Philosophy
Melanie Scheible Stanford University College Preparation
Oyumaa Daichinkhuu Washington and Lee University SAT Preparation

MYSP 2014

Seminar Topics

Teaching Fellow School/University Seminar Topic
Mariah Oxley Stanford University The Art of the Personal Essay
Nomin Khishigsuren Brown University An Integrated Introduction to Philosophy
John Bonilla Stanford Univeristy Everyday Physics
Khishigsuren Jargalsaikhan Amherst College Political Identities
Alisa Chalerychit Brown University Creation of the World
Elbegduuren Erdenee Princeton University Difficult Art

MYSP 2015

Seminar Topics

Teaching Fellow School/University Seminar Topic
Enkhdulguun Bayanduuren University of British Columbia Introduction to International Relations
Nomin-Erdene Jagdagdorj Harvard University Ethical Reasoning
Sienna Bates Brown Univeristy Analyzing Korean Popular Culture
Myagmarsuren Purev-Ochir Harvard University The Informal Voice: Writing Personal Stuff
Gan-Ochir Nyamdorj Westminster College Introduction to Politics
Jantsankhorloo Amgalan Purdue University Introductory Computer Science

MYSP 2016

This year's guest speaker sessions included people of many backgrounds. We had MYSP alumni coming in to share their experience when they were participants and how they went on to study in their dream schools. Representatives from the U.S. Embassy shared about different kinds of programs and scholarships available for high school students. Also we had the pleasure to have discussion with MIT's MISTI team, who were conducting research on Mongolian Innovation Ecosystem.

In addition to five seminars listed below, one of our Teaching Fellow, Kyana, led sessions that sought to develop each of our student's oral storytelling skills. HERE is the detailed description for Kyana's awesome storycrafting workshop.

Seminar Topics

Teaching Fellow School/University Seminar Topic
Byambasuren Enkhee University of Washington Anthropogenic Climate Change
Bat-Orgil Bat-Erdene University of Arizona Politics of Happiness
Kyana Van Houten Stanford University Relativity: Twins, Time Travel, and the Speed of Light
Khulan Solongozaya University of Pennsylvania Making Sense of the Universe
Binderya Gan-Och Univeristy of Illinois - Urbana Champaign Comparative World Literature
Take a look at what happened during MYSP 2016!

MYSP 2017

Please go HERE to check out the schedule for MYSP 2017!

Seminar Topics

Teaching Fellow School/University Seminar Topic
Sanchir Boldoo Harvard University Money, Markets and Morals: What are the Moral Limits of Markets?
John Shen Harvard University Debate and Argumentation
Nomundari Baatar New York Univeristy History in the Headlines
Sugarmaa Bat-Erdene Wesleyan College Gender Representation in Media
Samuel Aslaner Yale University Human Right and Peacebuilding
Paul Warren Stanford University Artificial Intelligence

MYSP 2018

Seminar Topics

Teaching Fellow School/University Seminar Topic
Bolor-Erdene Jagdagdorj Bowdoin College Cognitive Science
Delgerzaya Delgerjargal University of Washington Enviromental Ethics
Egshiglen Chuluunhuu Harvard Univeristy Making the Mongolian City
John Tournas Harvard University Nature Poetry
Purevsuren Norjinbat University of British Columbia Renewable Energy: An Introduction to Policy and Technology
David Tian Johns Hopkins University Introduction to Political Science in the American Context
Larry Evans Tufts University Storytelling

MYSP 2021

Seminar Topics

Teaching Fellow School/University Seminar Topic
Baljinnyam Tovuudorj University of Washington Public Speaking 101
Javhlan Amgalan Harvard University Psychological Development and Mental Disorders
Ider Bayar Columbia Univeristy Philosophy
Odmaa Bayar NYU Abu Dhabi Decoding DNA
Tuguldur Battur Vassar College Exploring Entrepreneurship
Nyamsuren Erdenebayar Franklin and Marshall College Psychology as a Science
Misheel Soyol-Erdene University of Pennsylvania< International Human Rights